Practices Level E

(CCSS Grades 9-12 / Adult Secondary Education, Low and High)

At Level E, students prepare to engage in college-level or specialized workplace mathematics. This involves industry- or career-specific math skills delivered in an on-the-job or project-based environment. Instructional practice should include:

  • Student selection of mathematical tools that best fit a context or application. These include digital tools and applications such as using technology to build graphic representations from data. Students should use mathematical reasoning to explain the tools they have chosen.
  • Used of algebraic thinking and functions to create mathematical models for an application or context.
  • Justification of solutions or mathematical pathways using advanced mathematical reasoning.
  • Instructional delivery by career-specific mentors or professionals with significant field experience.
Activities for Practices Level E
LG Pre-test for Math #1

multilevel assessment
This is a math "pre-test" designed to be similar to a Math GED Ready. This is an overall review to assess a student's mathematical reasoning skills.

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LG Math Practice Test #2 (2014)

multilevel assessment
This is a math practice test designed to include questions similar to those on the math GED Ready. The answer key is a separate document.

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LG Math Practice Test #2 (2014) - Answer Key

multilevel assessment answer key This is the answer key to the LG Math Practice Test #2 (2014) math assessment.

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