Job Search Vocabulary

Students research specific jobs and markets using opens in a new window Virginia Workforce Connection; they identify and define unknown words and use them in resumé building, cover letter writing, and mock interviewing.


L6: Prepare for and participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations with diverse partners, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively.


Estimated timeframe:

Activity steps

  1. Have students research opens in a new window Virginia Workforce Connection ( for industry-specific resources.
  2. Have them read website information and create a list of unknown/new words as they search for job markets and career interests.
  3. Then, have students utilize online resources (i.e., opens in a new window to look up new and unknown words.
  4. Ask students to find one job listing that interests them and is relevant to their location in Virginia. (They can use a job search website such as opens in a new window Indeed:
  5. Have students write a resumé and cover letter for the job.
  6. Then, have students hold a mock interviews (they can work in pairs or small groups or as a class). One student presents themselves as a job candidate while the other students ask questions about their qualifications and interests for a job opportunity.
  7. Ask:
    1. How can you use technology tools to help discover and learn new vocabulary words or market-specific vocabulary?
    2. What kinds of vocabulary are helpful in the interviewing process?
    3. What tools can you use to find job listings specific to a market in your area of Virginia?
    4. How does market-specific vocabulary influence the resumé building, cover letter writing, and interviewing process?

Other skills

Connections and extensions can be made to GED® Social Studies Assessment Targets (Fundamental Economic Concepts):
  • E.c.1 Markets
  • E.c.4 Labor and Capital

Workforce readiness skills

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