Language Anchor Standard 5 Level E

Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.

Leveled Standard E

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Teacher Notes

This standard focuses on foundational language skills; however, students with language skills at the secondary level are expected to apply their foundational knowledge of figurative language and nuanced word meanings in their own speaking, writing, and reading (see Reading anchor 4).

ELA Activities for Level E
Confessions of Nat Turner
Students work in teams to integrate and evaluate information from slavery-era primary documents. Read More Confessions of Nat Turner
Classroom Debate
Students select a debate topic, organize pro/con teams, conduct research, plan arguments, and carry out a classroom debate. Read More Classroom Debate
Career Exploration and Workplace Safety Presentations
Students read and listen to texts related to workplace safety. Then, students research jobs and create their own multimedia presentations synthesizing job information, workplace safety lessons learned, and personal career goals. Read More Career Exploration and Workplace Safety Presentations
Before It’s Too Late
Students will read and summarize an 8-page chapter from a book on the subject of raising children to be responsible. Read More Before It’s Too Late
Listening and Responding Across Subject Areas
Students listen to and discuss informational audio presentations. Read More Listening and Responding Across Subject Areas
More Activities